One Life to Live

Travel can be fun and provide many opportunities to grow as a person, but it’s not always easy.  While there are some great resources out there to help guide your travels, I’ve often found that much of what you end up seeing or doing happens while you are in the moment.  Personally, I think this is a great approach to travel as my research gives me a framework for what I want to do, but remaining flexible opens me up to a whole world of possibilities that no amount of research will prepare you for.

These unexpected experiences are, by my estimation, the most rewarding.  Random conversations with locals, happening across an off the wall place that is too small to have much of an internet presence, or simply taking a bartenders recommendation often yield great results in the most unexpected places.  My aim in writing is simple: document my experiences along with what I learn along the way.

By doing this, I want to not only accumulate as much knowledge about myself, other people, other lands, and other cultures as possible, but also to share that knowledge.  It is my hope that in sharing what I have seen and learned, others will be inspired to go out and do the same.  So here’s to living life to its fullest…cheers!



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