Who am I?  That’s an interesting question to which there’s not an easy answer but here it goes:

My take is that we only have one shot at this life so I’m going to pack as much in as I possibly can.  For me, there’s nothing better than getting to experience something for the first time.  Sometimes you’ll have some “hits”, and other times you have some misses but I believe our experiences, as much as anything, that defines who we are.

To date, June 2017, I’ve been to 4 countries, 39 states, and too many cities to count.  I’ve stood on the tops of mountains and explored sunken shipwrecks on the ocean floor.  I’ve trekked through the heat of the Moab and gray skies of the Hoh Rainforest.  I’ve surfed both US coasts and jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

So who am I?  I’m THAT guy.  The guy that will try anything once.  I’m just a regular dude that wants to see, hear, taste, feel, explore, and learn as much about this world as I can in the short time that I’m here.